Breakthroughs in the Architecture of Alliances & Innovation Foundation for the Collaborative Imperative Breakthroughs in the Architecture of Alliances & Innovation

All the Great Problems in the World Today will be Solved on a Foundation of Collaborative Innovation!

The Need


The world is facing a great number of crises that require the immediate application of collaborative innovation.

Many experts believe some of these crises must be turned around within the next five years, or we will have reached a tipping point where the problem will be too difficult to turn around.

Some of the areas where Collaborative Innovation can be used include:

  • World Peace
  • Global Warming
  • Disease
  • Poverty
  • Complacency
  • Teen Age Suicide
  • Spiritual Emptiness

Your Involvement


We need your engagement as either a leader, champion, trainer, pilot project innovator, thought contributor, volunteer, or financial contributor. If you wish to get involved, please contact us


Our Purpose


Collaborative Innovation is the key to creating a new future for people, communities, organizations, and nations.

After first pioneering in developing a highly successful architecture the field of collaboration with strategic alliances, we have now expanded that architecture to collaborative innovation.

The Collaborative Innovation Architecture has been extensively field tested and is now being made available to people throughout the world.


Our Intention


  1. To put Collaborative Innovation:
    -- Center of Heart,
    -- Top of Mind,
    -- Eloquent on the Lips, and
    -- Skilled in the Hands
    of Leaders throughout the world within 5 years
    •  to accomplish this, we intend to train 10,000 people throughout the world within 5 years

  2. To establish 1,000 Collaborative Innovation demonstration
    projects within two years, and 5,000 in five years.


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